The Perfect Recipe for Christmas (or any other) Morning

What is the perfect dish for a cozy holiday morning? It would be something rich, flavorful and—let’s be honest—easy to prepare. One of my favorite brunch dishes is French toast, but just like pancakes, it requires a lot of last-minute stovetop attention. So, here is all the yumminess of French toast in a version that puffs up in the oven and makes an incredible centerpiece to your festivities. The French Toast Soufflé—the latest DxD Extra recipe—is sweet, chewy and a little bit salty. Paired with some sausage from Edwards ( and a fresh citrus salad of grapefruit, and orange segments, it’s a perfect way to enjoy your Christmas or New Year’s morning, not to mention a Hanukkah Brunch. You can have fun trying your own additions to the basic recipe. I’ve suggested a few, but use your imagination. And since the recipe multiplies well, you can serve a big crowd.

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