Swordfish with Avocado Coulis

SWORDFISH BENEFITS FROM THE SAME KIND OF GRILLING AS STEAK. And just like steak, thicker is better for getting a juicy interior and a nice crust. But swordfish is much more lean and benefits from a marinade to both add flavor and help form a crust. This marinade has oil and sugar to help with the crust, as well as flavor enhancers that work perfectly with the Avocado Coulis.

The recipe calls for removal of the skin, but many people find the charred and fatty skin delicious, and it helps retain moisture. So it is not a bad idea to leave the skin on and let people remove it or eat it if they wish.

Major Grey’s chutney is a brand name of Crosse & Blackwell, but it’s often used generically to refer to all English chutneys. Chutneys are essentially a combination of fruits and their skins marinated with sugar and vinegar. There are lots of recipes for making chutney from scratch, but a bottle from the store is a simpler solution for providing the base to this refreshing coulis.

However, if you want to go totally locavore, substitute 1/4 cup of a peeled and finely diced ripe peach mixed with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar for the bottled chutney. The coulis is also great with seared tuna.

Serves 6
2 lbs swordfish steak, cut 1 1/2 inches thick, skin removed if desired
1/4 cup olive oil
2 tsp ginger
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 scallions, chopped
1/4 cup lime juice
1 tsp sugar

Cut swordfish into 6 even pieces, avoiding the dark brown center of the fillet. Create the marinade by combining the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and whisking vigorously. Reserve 1/4 cup. Toss remainder gently with fish and allow to rest, covered at room temperature for 30 minutes, turning fish occasionally. Discard marinade after use, but don’t pat fish dry. Make a charcoal fire in one side of a Weber grill and heat grate until very hot. To prevent sticking, pour oil onto a loosely bunched piece of foil held in long tongs and rub onto the surface of the grill. Immediately add swordfish and cover grill, with lid vents all the way open and cover slightly askew. Cook for 2 minutes; uncover grill; turn swordfish; recover loosely; and cook for 3 more minutes. Uncover again and move fish to cooler side of grill; sprinkle on reserved marinade and cover completely (with vents still open) for 2 more minutes, or until swordfish is tender when pierced and appears slightly puffed. Plate and add a few tablespoons of Avocado Coulis on top. Serve immediately.

Avocado Coulis

2 oz Major Grey’s mango chutney (Crosse & Blackwell brand recommended)
1 avocado, cut into small pieces
1 tomato, cut into small pieces including seeds
1/4 sweet onion finely diced (Vidalia or similar)
1/4 cup lime juice
1/8 tsp salt
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)

Combine all ingredients in small bowl and toss gently. Let rest in refrigerator for at least 1 hour to let flavors combine.

Click here to download a PDF of this recipe.

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