DxD Launch Party Draws 200 Hungry Fans

Last night’s Delicious by Design launch party was a resounding success. Held at the studios of AURAS Design, the party was also a celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary. Two hundred friends, colleagues and clients crowded into the space, sampling recipes from the book and renewing old acquaintances.

Marty Ittner, a former AURAS designer wrote, “I’m in absolute awe. What an undertaking! The party, the food, the signage, the details, the crowd of admirers, the BOOK! All of it amazing, jaw dropping, wonderful.” She also sent along the pictures you see here.

Nine DxD recipes were prepared for the event, including two that are on this website but not in the book. The favorite just might have been our newest recipe—also our first dessert: Maui Wowie cookies, a salt-topped chocolate-chip macadamia nut confection.

Other dishes included bite-sized Fried Chicken nuggets based on the Pan-Fried Chicken recipe, De-Boned Herbed Turkey Breast, Un-ribbed Roast Beef, Not-Mac-and-Cheeses, Mom’s Chopped Liver and sides of Simplest Sweet Potatoes, Cole Slaw and Stuffin’ Muffins. It was like a little mini-Thanksgiving meal.

The party was, in part, an opportunity for AURAS Design to give a gift to the many people who have supported the firm throughout the years, and show off its space, a 1927 Mason’s Hall that was renovated 12 years ago to be the studio’s home.

Every party-goer was invited to take home a copy of the book in a stylish DxD grocery bag, along with a bottle of AURAS Spice Mix.

One person asked, “How did you convince a caterer to make all of these recipes?” The answer was simple. ALL of the food was prepared by Rob Sugar and his co-conspirator, Helen Rea. “Making 60 lbs of food for 200 people will make preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for 16 easy as pie—pecan in this case,” along with a cider-brined applewood grill-roasted turkey from local purveyor Maple Lawn Farms.

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