This Might Be the Best Recipe in DxD

Flat-Roast ChickenOur newest featured recipe has been such a tester’s treat that we almost didn’t want to give it away, but making the Flat Roast Chicken is so easy and so delicious that we can’t help ourselves. This roast chicken is enhanced by smearing a herbs de provence butter under the skin and coating with AURAS spice mixture. A quick dry brine makes the skin crisp and the meat juicy.

But the real game-changer from an ordinary oven-roasted bird is the way it’s prepared. This chicken is easily flattened using a technique that only takes a minute to do, but produces superior results to the much more complicated butterflying or spatchcocking methods. Cutting through the rib bones is ridiculously easy and the entire breast section opens like a car hood on a hinge so the bird is flattened with all the bones on one side and the meat on the other, protected by its skin. It might seem complicated, but look at the video,and you’ll see it’s really easy to do.

The complete recipe is also available on YouTube here:

1 thought on “This Might Be the Best Recipe in DxD

  1. Made the Asian Mussel Soup last week and it was by far the best mussels recipe I’ve made. Took a bit longer than I thought, but was so worth it. Only a true chef tweaks recipes, so I added about 1 cup gourmet mushroom mix, lots more garlic, and three last-of-the season garden tomatoes, and reduced the red curry to 2 tsp for family and it was still nice and spicy enough for me. And I used no fat coconut milk. The flavors of this soup are perfect. We had it for leftovers the next day too. Rave reviews from all, thanks for this recipe that will go in to my family book of recipes!

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