Thanksgiving Muffins—and Other Recipes That Didn’t Get into DxD

The most frustrating factor about Delicious by Design: 30 Years/30 Recipes was my own fault. I limited the number of dishes in the book tying the title into our anniversary. When I realized that I had so many great recipes, and that the promotion needed to get bigger, I cheated by making a distinction between side dishes and main dishes to keep the theme, but allow for more content.

That still wasn’t enough. There are great dishes that didn’t make it into the book, so I am remedying that by adding new recipes to this site. These first three are all amazing—and amazingly easy to prepare.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you have got to try making the Stuffin’ Muffins. If your guests’ response is anything like mine, they will be the hit of the dinner. In fact, I can’t imagine a more satisfying menu for Thanksgiving than these Stuffin’ Muffins, along with the De-Boned Herbed Turkey Breast, The Simplest Sweet Potatoes and the Brussels Sprouts for Haters.

Let me know how you like the recipes. I’ll be adding more in the near future—including some desserts.

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